Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 10:44 am

Ever since Bert got us a K-cup machine, it’s become painfully obvious that we were lacking in mugs. After far too long searching online for something we both liked, I decided to paint my own. Two are memes and the other two are from Adventure Time! It was a fun project. I’m hereby adding handpainted mugs / bowls to my commission-able works.

1. Sketchin’ – I knew I was going to freehand these, so I practiced each one a few times. Lined paper helped me get the sizing down.


2. First lines – Armed with my smallest brush and a paper towel to mop up my mistakes, I ruined some perfectly nice white mugs. This was the most nerve-wracking step. My hand is shakier than I’d like.

first lines 1

first lines 2

3. Colors – I bought a set of 10 colors because I have never done this before and had no idea where to start. This worked out fairly well. Some of the colors are translucent and some opaque, but I still like how they mixed and they baked well too. There was precious little information on how long to leave them before adding new layers, so I gave each half a day. This worked, so I will probably keep doing it that way.


Honey Bear comes from this meme, where various things lurk and wait for their moment to strike.honey bear



The Shiba Inu comes from the subreddit called Super Shibe. Bert gets a huge kick out of it, so this one was the first I planned.shiba inu front
shiba inu back


I’d heard great things about Adventure Time, so when it (finally) showed up on Netflix I gave it a few episodes. Instantly a fan. Not only that, but Bert appreciates it too which meant this would be the perfect way to top off our new set of mugs.adventure time fronts
adventure time backs

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