At the gates of the Tortoise

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at the gates of the tortoise

Face Off s8: steampunk bank robber

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steampunk robber

His prison sentence was turned into an excuse to hand him over to a mad scientist. He escaped, but not before half of his body was burned or mutilated. He’s back for revenge against the town that wronged him.

surprise eyes

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surprise eyes

I realized I haven’t posted nearly enough recently. But, I have a good reason, I swear! I’m working on a new look for, and hopefully improving reader experience as well.

The Blue Thing

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Another Terribleminds challenge – a 100 word story. Here’s mine.


One day, a little girl was playing in the park when she noticed a very large, blue thing sitting near the trees. She glanced around. Nobody else – adults or children – noticed the thing.

She ran over to it. It felt cool and metallic, like the monkey bars. The girl climbed up. When she was at the very top, she found a green doll in a little chair. She sat next to the doll. The blue thing rumbled. It tore its metal feet out of the ground. She covered her ears as it boomed a robot voice.

“Input target, War Commander?”

disappointed yeti

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disappointed yeti

Face Off s8: Emerald Goblin

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emerald goblinGreat gobs of fire! Bitten by a radioactive beast in a magical underground market, the Emerald Goblin uses her new monstrous strength and magical tinkering to fight crime. I love the monster-type super heroes that clomp around trying to help, but also have to hide so people don’t freak out too much. I gave my super self rocket boots, green fire gloves, and a cape that tries to cover her goblinness, but fails.


Face Off s8: Super Self

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This week was all about super hero alter egos! My post is going to be a two-parter. Today, here’s me – plain, normal Toni J! Tomorrow will be my super self. If you ever read 2D Glasses, you’re thinking “wait, blonde?” Yeah, I picked up a box-o-blonde instead of red this time. Gotta switch it up now and again. Oh! And an added bonus, there’s a picture of a concept I’m not going with, but I found it super funny.
toni-j-normalcountess geekula

Bittersweet with a Twist

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Another Terribleminds challenge story. Title is based on a randomly picked cocktail. Oh, and warning, this one gets a little weird and gross.

– – – Bittersweet with a Twist – – –

David sat at the end of the bar, nursing his drink and wallowing. He figured he must look like one of those old townies, minus the old. He turned and raised his glass toward Jasmine. A toast to his dancing roommate, the birthday girl. His smile must have looked so fake. Because it was. He felt a drunk-heavy hand pat him on the shoulder. A friend of Jasmine’s? The guy grinned wide and danced in place.

“How can anyone be sad at Jazzy’s bash? You’re defying the laws of physics, man.”

“Call up NASA. Being their lab rat’d better than what I’ve got now.”

The guy laughed.

“I like you. Got a solution to your little problem.”

He pulled a plastic pouch out of his jacket and handed it to David. It was dark brown, with fancy white script printed on one side.

“I doubt chocolate is going to fix this. But thanks.”

“No. No! Not chocolate. Bittersweet. When you’re feeling low and full of what might have been, take one of those. Just watch out for the twist!”

David turned the pouch over in his hand. He felt three, hard squares inside. He stared at the Bittersweet, wondering just how this apparently street-illegal anti-depressant might work. He turned to the guy behind him.

“What’s the twist?”

But, he was alone again. He caught Jasmine’s eye, and felt a lump in his throat. He downed the rest of his drink and headed for the bathroom. The stall looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped in it, but this was the sort of thing that needed privacy. He walked by the two dudes at the urinals, and closed the door. He ripped the pouch open with his teeth. Two of the little squares fell straight into the toilet. With his luck, he was surprised he didn’t lose them all.

He pulled the last pill out of the package. It was modeled to look like chocolate, with a happy face imprinted on the top. David stared at the pill and frowned.

“You had better not be habit forming.”

One last deep breath, wish for a cup of water, then down the hatch.

At first, he didn’t feel anything. He wasn’t sure what he should feel. Just… better, somehow. He just wanted to stop feeling like-

“I’ve ruined any chance with her. I never told her and now I’ll be alone forever.”

David slammed his mouth shut. Did he really say that out loud? There was a murmuring snicker from the urinals. Yeah, he’d said it out loud. He could feel sweat beading at his temples. His stomach churned. But, then, a giggle burst out. Mid-laugh, he blurted out again.

“I’m inadequate at my job. My coworkers hate me. They know I’m faking it. I’ll probably be fired within the month.”

The two other guys left in a hurry. His stomach felt worse. His brain felt better. He felt a rush of pure, unabashed joy wash over him. Whatever was happening, it worked. He was smiling. If he could control his mouth, he might just be able to join the party out in the bar. Really, truly, join the party.

“My anxiety around more than three people at once is crippling. If it wasn’t for Jasmine, I’d never step foot in a place like this.”

Between the fits of laughter, and the crippling stomach pain, David collapsed onto the floor. The piss-stained tile reeked, but he couldn’t stop smiling. He felt like if he could stand right now, he could do anything. Tell Jasmine he loved her in front of her new boyfriend. Land on Mars. Become President of the United States. Hell, become Emperor of Earth!

“I’ve drifted away from every relationship that truly matters! I hate myself as a human being!”

He writhed on the floor. Every confession made him feel that much worse and that much better. He gripped the metal supports of the stall, bracing himself for either the best orgasm of his life, or the worse puke anyone ever had, ever.

It was the latter.

His throat was a hose, spraying bile and green chunks onto the filthy floor. His eyes watered. He could barely see, but he swore he hadn’t had anything green that day. They looked like lime rinds, curled and… wriggling. He had to be hallucinating. They looked alive. He slapped at them, completely horrified but still grinning like a madman. Watch out for the twist. He was going to kill Jasmine’s drug dealer friend if he ever saw him again.

The twisting, green, wormy creatures disappeared one by one down the drain. David checked his hand. A pool of emerald slime clung to his palm. Maybe it wasn’t real. Hadn’t there been a green-dyed pineapple on that cocktail? Maybe? It couldn’t be real. He laughed again.

He stood up, cleaned himself up, and made his way for the dance floor. Maybe he’d hug Jasmine’s friend instead.


Minotaur boy

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minotaur boy

Face Off s8: Miss Sombrero Galaxy

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miss sombrero galaxy

It’s the Miss Intergalactic pageant this week. This is my design for a Miss Sombrero Galaxy. In looking up this galaxy, a couple articles said the sombrero galaxy might actually be an elliptical galaxy, instead of a spiral. Meaning, it’s got an inner disc and an outer disc! I ran with that concept. She’s got light-up eyes, as well as a light up, suspended, forehead ornament. Why do I draw so many things that light up? I think it looks awesome, especially on this alien type of lady, and it’s very underutilized this season!