Work In Progress – Merry Orcmas

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Merry Orcmas

I’m working on some holiday cards for the etsy shop.

A grumpy stegosaur

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grumpy stegosaur

Went to WindyCon this past weekend. Good times. While I was there, I went to a reading by Richard Chwedyk. The story inspired this grumpy little stegosaur.

Selling wares at the Rim Market

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selling wares at the rim market

Exploring the floating city a little more, and a young Inventor showing off a doohickey she made (to one of the merchants, ended up cutting him from this image).

It’s hard out there for a goblin

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hooded goblin

When you have a species that wars constantly, you’re bound to have some war refugees.

wow, tiny shibe face

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possible look for the inventor’s daughter

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inventors daughter

I’m contemplating a comic about an inventor’s daughter, who searches for her missing dad and tries to clear his name after his inventions go horribly, horribly awry. I was playing with different light skin and hair styles, when it occurred to me she’s probably from the southern country (of 3 in a steampunkish zombie-filled universe), which means she’s more likely to have darker skin. Not sure if this is the final, but I like her so far.

Happy N7 Day!

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n7 day cthulhu

I was hoping to get my baby cthulhu (from an awesome Kickstarter project) before N7 Day, but I guess there were some delays. Oh well. I can still share my painting plans with you! My baby cthulhu will either be painted as Garrus, or in the N7 stripe.

judgy little plant dude

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judgy little plantman

Redbubble holiday discount

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There’s a new discount code for 15% off! If you’re looking to get a head start on holiday gifting, I suggest checking out Redbubble. I may be biased, but here’s a great shop to start at!

Happy Halloween!

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